Brut Tradition

This cuvee offers notes of white fruits such as peach and apricot, with an attractive overall crispness. An ideal companion for all your festive occasions.

Les Loges

A tribute bearing the nale of our oldest plot of vines that enjoys an ideal subsoil and exposure for our chardonnays, planted 50 years ago, to ripen and express themselves to the full. Dodes as extra-brut so that you can fully appreciate its fresh purity. Perfect as an aperitif or with a gourmet meal.


Crafted from a great year’s harvest, this blanc de blancs vintage champagne has spent years ageing in our cellars developng its intense aromas of cakes and danish pastries. Perfect with any meal.


An elegant blend of our blanc de blancs base and pinot noir red wine, this fruity, fragrant champagne is excellent an an aperitif or with dessert.


This 100% pure chardonnay has a fine, elegant nose of pineapple. The mouth is supple and generous, typical of our terroir’s chardonnays. Its minerality gives structure to the mouth’s citrus finish, with a pleasing overall crispness. Ideal as an aperitif or with seafood

Brut Nature

This cuvee has no added sugar, allowing the chardonnay to express to the full its flinty characteristis with notes of white and exotic fruits. The pinot noir lents it boddy and a hint of butter